• Five things you never want to hear from your service provider

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    Customer service is a funny business.

    It’s frequently an artistic combination of tangibles and intangibles, mixed with some personal style and emotional intelligence, from which something spontaneous and unique appears. If done well. If done poorly, it’s a messy, impersonal transaction of dissatisfaction. Or worse, unmemorable.

    welcome with enthusiasm

    Recently, we’ve received some amazing service from our energy company, working very hard to overcome obstacles in both physical products and robotic phone interactions (I hate scripted ‘service’ providers). Phil, our rock of a technician, casually shared his wisdom during a visit as I watched him rebuild a furnace burner.

    He said, “Bill, there are five things you never say around a customer.”

    “Five? Tell me.”, I said.

    And he did.

    1. Oops.
    2. That’s good enough.
    3. I wouldn’t put that in my house.
    4. You paid how much?
    5. I’ll be right back.

    Phil reminded me that everything we do, intentionally and unintentionally, creates a level of perceived value and trust from our customers and we must always be careful about the words and actions we choose.


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